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Company Information

RSVP (Rail Shipment Visibility Portal) is a cloud-based software service powered by logistics software company ICL for tracking and auditing freight invoices for rail shipments.

RSVP’s software services include:

  • Real-time shipment tracking in transit
  • Historic shipment and transit time information
  • Pipeline management reports
  • Dynamic, real-time ETAs
  • Transit standards management
  • Self-serve style analytics tools
  • Ability to customize views and save or schedule reports
  • Bad order reports
  • Ability to add comments
  • Ability to create hotlists / watchlists
  • Ability to create alerts for exceptions like delays

Read more about RSVP’s software and services here.

ICL Information

For more than 25 years, ICL has been the leading provider of supply chain visibility software for the automotive industry, tracking vehicles from plant to dealer on rail, vessel, and truck.
ICL’s VLMS product now tracks 41% of new vehicles sold in North America, 80% of which are shipped via rail. RSVP’s software is adapted from the rail tracking modules of the VLMS product.

ICL by the numbers:

  • Connected to all Class I railways in North America (including Canada & Mexico)
  • Connected to 9 shortlines / regional railways
  • + 500,000 rail shipments tracked per year
  • + 25 million CLM events processed per year
  • +$1.5 billion in freight and supplemental service change invoices audited
  • + 550,000 hours in software development and testing

Read more about ICL’s automotive software services here: www.iclsystems.com

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